Group Classes & Clinics
Whether you are a brand new golfer or an experienced player

looking to shave a few strokes off your handicap, BGA has
classes to help you achieve your goals!

Learn The Basics

Level 1.0 New Golfer
For adults who have never played golf and returning golfers
who want to get back in the game.

•  Four hours of instruction in the fundamentals
•  Taught by PGA or LPGA certified instructors
  Low Student/Instructor Ratio
  Equipment will be provided if needed
  Swing mechanics: Putting, chipping, pitching, full swing
  Golf terminology
  Suggestions about how to practice
  Equipment recommendations

•  $25 Player Card Free to BGA Students

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Level 1.5 New Golfer on the Course
Learn the ins and outs of navigating around the course.

  Four hours of instruction in fundamentals 
•  Taught by PGA or LPGA certified instructors
  Classes take place primarily on the course
  Content includes basic rules, etiquette and safety tips
  Low Student/Instructor Ratio
  Equipment will be provided if needed

•  $25 Player Card Free to BGA Students

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Improve Your Game

Level 2.0 Intermediate Golfer
For adults who have playing experience and want to take their
games to the next level.

  Four hours of advanced fundamental work
  Bunkers and uneven lies will be included, if the class is ready
  Drills to enhance your practice time between lessons
  Led by PGA or LPGA instructors.

•  $25 Player Card Free to BGA Students

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Level 2.5 Advanced Golfer
A follow up for Level 2.0 students.

The first 2 hours include a brief overview of
fundamentals followed by more in depth work
on the shots you find most challenging. 

The second 2 hours will take place on the course where
BGA instructors guide you as you apply the your new skills
to the challenges of actual play.

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Join us for an hour long golf workout that focuses on
various aspects of the game. Sign up for a single
clinic or come to as many as you like.

What's Covered
Drills, video work and challenges are typically included
to develop skills more quickly.  
Topics include: Putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, full swing,
uneven lies, hitting out of thick rough.

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Clifton Park Short Game School
****May 18 - June 25****
•  Five (5) Monday Evening Sessions
•  6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
•  No more than 6 students admitted
•  Instructor:  Mike Dreyer, PGA
•  Clubs, Balls and Fun Included
•  $125.00/person

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The Short Game School consists of 5, weekly, 90 minute clinics
that focus on the proper techniques for putting, chipping,
pitching and bunker play. The fifth week will include a fun,
team competition, Par 3 Tournament for all clinic participants.

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