Mike Miguel, USGTF

Contact Mike: Contact Mike: tmmiguel63@gmail.com 443-804-6030


60 Minutes Adult $70
30 Minutes Adult $35
60 Minutes Junior $60
30 Minutes Junior $30

Mike is an avid golfer, a cyclist, but most importantly, a husband and father.  BGA students enjoy classes with Mike and say his teaching style is clear, creative and effective.  He is also known for Making Golf Fun.

More about Mike
I am a golfer for over 30 years, a coach with the junior golfers at Pine Ridge for over seven years, an adult coach with the Baltimore Golf Academy since 2017, a proud coach of the Frankly High School Boys' Golf Team, and a swing instructor for the McDonough School Girls' Golf Team

I bring an enthusiastic attitude with a truth first approach in everything I do.  I believe there has to be more than one way to solve most problems and thinking outside the box is essential.  I believe a golf swing is an athletic movement and feel that I have the ability to integrate motions used in other sports into a golf swing.  I will always keep the fun in fundamentals and the fun in golf.  As a frequent patient of an Orthopedic Surgeon, I have firsthand knowledge of mandated swing adjustments do to injury or other physical limitations.  I will always take my students' individual strengths and abilities into consideration when developing a swing plan.