pga jr league tips from coach j

Required Reading!

About Alternate Players, Triple Bogey Maximums, and Conceding Short Putts to Speed the Pace of Play

Not all matches have an alternate player, but those that do should move quickly! The Alternate is an important teammate, even when he/she is not hitting shots. The ball not chosen needs to be retrieved, the flag needs tending, the bunker needs to be raked. All are important activities, and all are easily accomplished by any Alternate. An Alternate must not retrieve an opposing team’s ball unless asked to do so by that team.

Abiding by the triple bogey maximum is another way to help with pace of play. No hole in PGA-JLG can be won with a triple bogey, so players are encouraged to pick up, if they have not holed out after their double bogey putts or shots.

PGA-JLG plays a scramble format, and is supposed to be recreational and FUN! Teams are encouraged to concede short putts. It may not be the best competitive strategy, but it allows players to practice a more important quality, Sportsmanship! It will also increase your pace of play by 5-10 minutes per match!

We realize our players are young and must walk the nine holes (pull carts are permitted), but a PGA-JLG match should not take more than 2.5 hours if all players follow these tips.


Many country clubs do not allow you to use carts or buy food or drinks. It's best to expect this and be pleasantly surprised if they do allow you to use a cart or buy food or beverages.

Dress Codes apply to all player, parents and match guests.
Please wear collared shirts and khaki shorts or pants to all matches. Juniors will be given team jerseys when we receive them from PGA.
No jeans, please! Many country clubs will not allow denim on their premises.

please note: BALTIMORE COUNTRY CLUB (bcc) requires ADHERENCE to the following dress code

All Gentlemen are expected to wear slacks or conservative-length shorts, collared shirts tucked into slacks or shorts. Denim of any color, cargo shorts or pants, and foul weather suits. Short sleeved mock turtlenecks and open toed shoes of any kind are prohibited.

All Ladies are expected to wear slacks, conservative-length skirts, skorts, shorts and/or dresses (mid-thigh length at the shortest), foul weather suits, sleeved and sleeveless shirts with collars or jewel necks. Sleeveless shirts and dresses must cover the shoulder blades and may not cut in, but may have a slight taper as long as the back matches up with the front. A lady's top designed to be worn untucked is acceptable, providing the garment is hemmed and does not expose the midriff. Denim of any color, racerback, collared shirts, and open toed shoes of any kind are prohibited.